City break in a backpack

So last week I had the chance to visit my bestie Sharon, in her in Sofia home, in Bulgaria!
It was to be a fab relaxing 3 day break... with no luggage allowance & so the challenge of 3 daytime & 2 evening outfits in only what essentially is a school backpack ensued...
Sticking to a simple colour palette of black, off white & tan/gold, I made sure I had fine knits & tees that could be layered to create simple silhouettes & comfort for a relaxing break.
I packed all of this...!
Wearing the cargo pants, logo tee & fine knit under my blazer, 4 pieces added no bulk to my traveling outfit & was super comfy & not too warm on the flight itself
Air & Grace trainers complimented each outfit & were the best option for our long walks & shopping trips but worked well with my dress & midi skirt too!
Like I said, the 2 jumpers were fine knits
These could be layered over a tee/dress (or even each other for the journey back to cold England!)
So how did I mange to for all of this in a backpack?
Well it was a folding & wrapping master class to be proud of.
Folding was key;
I folded everything in a uniform size to create an equal pile. By using the dress to wrap the rest of the pile (but not the pleated skirt)
This was easy to slot into the backpack. One pile the size of a laptop...
then came the conundrum of packing a pleated skirt! Eek...
So here’s how I did it:
Taking 3 soft hair ties, I simply gathered the pleats together to create a tube....
This enables the pleats to stay in perfectly & by then folding the tube in half, laid on the top of the rest of my packing!!
When I arrived I simply removed the hair ties & it had never looked so good!
I now store my summer skirts this way.
Adding a silky scarf to selected outfits added contrast & impact to plain knits. It also tied all the colours together. 
My evening bag doubled up as a pouch for all the cables/pens/stationery needed for a business owner trying to keep up with the world
I used one beautiful handbag by Bell & Fox for every eventuality. Keeping my passport & money safe whilst being hands free & suitably chic too!
So here you have it!
I do believe that I could have stayed for
A week & had enough interchangeable pieces to create a fresh outfit each day!
But this is how I wore just a few clothes...
I even used the backpack itself to go shopping one day!
This is how I dressed on the final day, 3 outfits for 3 parts of the day... adding the tan knit under the blazer once I hit the UK chill.
So you see it’s super easy if you make things simple...
I didn’t buy anything new, drawing everything from my wardrobe & making comfort key.
Time with my bestie is so precious, I didn’t want to think of anything but enjoying every single minute together.
I’d be happy to help anyone with their packing
Just drop me a line & we can take the hassle out of the suitcase

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  • You looked amazing every day bestie x thank you for the best days ever xx
    I miss you xx


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